Wide Temperature Range Fan

G Proof Fan
Wide Temperature Range Fan
These products operate in a wide temperature range of − 40℃ to + 85℃.
They can be safely used in both low-temperature and high-temperature applications ranging from refrigerators and freezers to heat-generating lighting devices. With these new products, the San Ace lineup can now serve in conventional applications such as communications devices, PV inverters, and rapid EV charging stations in even more demanding environments.
Frame Size Frame Thick Air Flow (m3/min)
Air Flow (m<sup>3</sup>/min)
40mm×40mm 28mm Air Flow (m<sup>3</sup>/min)
60mm×60mm 25mm Air Flow (m<sup>3</sup>/min)
80mm×80mm 25mm Air Flow (m<sup>3</sup>/min)
92mm×92mm 25mm Air Flow (m<sup>3</sup>/min)
38mm Air Flow (m<sup>3</sup>/min)
120mm×120mm 38mm Air Flow (m<sup>3</sup>/min)
Frame Size Frame Thick Air Flow (CFM)
Air Flow (CFM)