PWM Controller

This device provides external speed control of PWM fans. By using this product, PWM fans can be fully utilized without the need for preparing new circuits, contributing to reducing the system power consumption and the fan noise.

Contributes to Reduced System Power Consumption and Noise

For PWM fan speed control, a PWM control circuit needs to be newly designed and configured. By using this product, however, PWM fans can be fully utilized without the need for preparing new circuits, contributing to reducing the system power consumption and the fan noise.

Three Simple Ways of Controlling Fan Speed

The PWM Controller integrates three control methods for fully utilizing PWM fans.

Voltage Control

By enlarging the scale from a narrow 0 - 5 V analog voltage to a large 0 to 100% PWM duty, this controller offers users precise control of fan speed.

Variable Resistor Control

With the Box type, users can control fan speed through the simple, intuitive action of turning a knob. Users can even control fans from a distance by adding an external variable resistor.*

Thermistor Control

Connecting a thermistor enables the fan speed to change automatically according to a preset temperature (between 30 and 50°C).

* Variable resistors and thermistors are to be prepared by the user.

Can Be Common-Powered by the Fan Power Supply

The controller can be powered by the fan power supply of rated voltage 12, 24, and 48 VDC, and no separate supply is required.

Maximum of Four Fans Connectable

Up to four PWM fans can be connected and controlled.

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